Our Legacy and

All About Who We Are

The best way to get an idea about the Lancar Consulting personal touch would be to get a word directly from Lancar Consulting’s founder. Read below to hear all about the Lancar Consulting legacy.

‘My philosophy has always been to treat others as I’d like to be treated. I’ve always found a moment to greet people and show respect to anyone I’ve met in the business. From packers to delivery drivers, from stock assistants to management, all the way up to the decision-makers, directors i.e., the money.

From the sole traders to huge companies, every person was never below my standing. There have been times when the decision I have made has cost me but in the long term my conscience and success prevail.

Beginning work-life, my first regular job was at 16 as a market street trader, then tried my hand at excess fashion stocks leftover from overproduction and then managing a vehicle hire company. These experiences thought me we are all people in our worlds that deserved respect, honesty and understanding.

Negotiating sales in my early twenties with ‘old school’ industrialists’ thought me the importance to be straight. One bit of advice given to me back then, which my client received from someone when he was starting, who subsequently passed it to me, was;
“charge whatever you want and give an excellent product or service but never lie or cheat and you’ll always be able to go anywhere and hold your head up and you’ll be able to hold your head up.”

Dishonesty and lies will always catch up with you! Not that I need that advice but knowing that was my path anyway strengthened my resolve to succeed.'



Birth of the Company

We started up a bespoke parts supply
company focusing mostly on the automotive

Present Day

The Real Deal

These days, Lancar is the place to go
when looking for procurement, superior
quality control and assistance in
contacting the best producers per
manufacturer preferences.

What Do We
Stand For

Quality help in supply, using the right manufacturers,
who are honest, loyal, consistent in quality, and ship on time.

We will assist you with negotiating the price, terms,
and quantity that works for you and the project at hand.

Not only do we cater to bespoke undertakings, but we
are also able to assist with the seemingly lesser parts of
the process, as well as labels, packing, and timeframe.

With Lancar’s assistance, we will help you find all the
ingredients to ensuring success and great profitability.
Best quality

Best quality

Ensure high standard to the
finest detail, nothing is
overlooked or compromised.
Reliable Delivery

Reliable Delivery

When we accept a deal, you
are assured of timely receipt
of the products you order.